Ucard Cloud Business Network

In December we introduced Ucard.Cloud. A project created with my good friend Aron. Ucard Cloud Business Network. A directory of Cloud Business Cards that collectively work together to promote your business. The Cloud Business Cards are segmented by profession and suburb to help the end user find you online.

A place online for your friends and clients to get your Contact Details, Elevator Pitch and Testimonials. If your circumstances change, you can update your Cloud Business Card and everyone has immediate access to the changes.

what is a Ucard.cloud Business Card

Handing out business cards hasn’t really worked for me, I found them to be a waste of time and money. You can’t tell if anyone is paying attention to the details on the card unless they call you directly. They could look at your paper card 20 times and you wouldn’t know that they were interested or if they had a question.

If you change business, position or location, you have no way of updating your prior contacts. How many times have you given out a business card and not recorded their contact details? It’s all missed opportunity. There must be a better way.


Ucard.Cloud has a few different options. As a business directory, you should list your business with a free ID card. Your ID Card will appear in a Category and Suburb Search. Each free ID card needs a new email address and mobile phone number.

If you want to have more features, create a Cloud Business Card. A Cloud Business Card includes a landing page that you can send from your phone via SMS, Email and Facebook Messenger. It has a QR-Code to share at conferences and meetings. The landing page can replace your current website.

Marketing UCard.Cloud

When you register your Cloud Business Card, I will promote your business to get the most benefit and customer Interaction.

Find A Ucard

Identify Current Marketing Process

I am looking at opportunities with Google My Business, backlinks and article content. We will look at your competition and find opportunities to market your business better. Information that we research.

1. Identify current business directory Keywords.
2. Make your Business Name the Primary Title.
3. Optimise the Page Meta Data, to include your Business Name and Profession
4. Optimise the Page Structured Data, to include Location and Profession
5. The page URL should include the Primary Key Word
7. Page Structure to include h1, h2, h3,
8. Include a contact form.
8. Include internal links to category and suburb.
9. Images to include alt attributes with associated variants of keywords

Current Category Segments

  • Artist
  • Electrician
  • Finance
  • Landscape
  • Locksmith
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Pest Control
  • Photography
  • Plumber
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Sport
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Writer

3.34. Our Backlink Strategy

Google My Business Strategy

Google My Business boasts incredibly powerful search engine optimisation benefits. We will treat Google My Business as a photography journal.

Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is our visual backlink strategy. All images on our site have to be linked to Pinterest. Each image is to follow our SEO Strategy.

Our LinkedIn strategy

Our LinkedIn Strategy is to promote our company page. From there, link to the other articles and stories about Ucard.Cloud.

Google Adwords Strategy

For Google Adwords to be effective and efficient we need the Key Words to properly represent the webpage and the business. If we are trying for keywords that are not appropriate for our SEO, we will end up paying a lot more to be listed and probably get an enquiry for the wrong reasons. We end up wasting our time answering calls to wrong numbers.

Our Google Adwords Strategy is as follows.

1. Identify the keywords that are used by our potential buyers that correctly associate with our website.
2. Identify negative keywords that do not directly associate with our unique business.
3. Create Ad Groups for business directory and business cards categories.
4. Create multiple versions of advertising copy to compare and test the most effective copy.

More Improvements

Get the most out of your Cloud Business Card.

Include your Elevator Pitch. Imagine being able to send a link to your elevator pitch and getting immediate results from all of your customers.

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