Our Online Search Journey

Why get into “online search”?

Online search is a necessary part of our everyday lives. There is more information available to you today online than ever before. Web Search is a fantastic learning adventure that can create vast amounts of wealth and prosperity for the right individual. If you show total commitment to your new learning adventure, you may discover more online than you ever learned at school.

Imagine taking this learning adventure in the direction of art. Learning how to paint, to draw, to sing, to write. Someone can be reading this article right now that will go and learn to write the next Harry¬† Potter or the next “how-to video series” that gets more than 1,000,000 downloads.

You may learn programming or app development, or learn how to employ an assistant, or find someone else to develop your great idea. It’s a big business affair, and the most important part of the whole thing is marketing. I continue to learn marketing ideas from “online search” that I use every day. Having a great idea, that is marketed well, can become a business.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks about marketing and when it comes to internet marketing, they constantly talk about a niche and keywords. Even though the wave has crashed on SEO (or has it?), the continuous talk is still about the niche and the keywords. Marketing your idea requires your niche and keywords to stand out. My niche is personal development and learning how to search online.

Every great business needs a business plan, a marketing plan, and an investment of time. Most normal businesses don’t last for 5 years. Be in the minority and follow some of the development ideas I have learned using the Total Commitment Approach.

The Total Commitment Pledge?
1. Time Commitment
2. Family Commitment
3. Health Commitment
4. Financial Commitment
5. Learning Commitment
6. Spiritual Commitment

All 6 keys are necessary conditions to total commitment. Each carrying the same weight.

Start your learning commitment here! The Greatest Salesman in the world, by Og Mandino is a story about learning. Learning to learn.


Start Your Learning Commitment Here!