One Vision Electrical | Carlingford Electrician

Today we are going to create a website and marketing strategy for One Vision Electrical – Carlingford NSW

My son Jackson manages a plumbing supply company and knows a lot of tradies, one of his mates is an electrician, Peter. Peter owns One Vision Electrical. Peter was available to help us with our bathroom renovations. He did a great job and was such a nice guy that I wanted to help him out with his business and marketing.

We are not really looking at taking on any new clients, but I thought Peter was worth the effort. Peter’s business is based in Carlingford, so I figured there would not be a geographical conflict with the other electricians that we support.

We already have experience with electrical websites and SEO, so for us it is really a matter of distinguishing One Vision Electrical geographically to Carlingford and surrounding areas.

Our first step in establishing Peter’s business as the go to Carlingford Electricians website, is to cheat by looking at his competition.

The competition for Carlingford Electricians comes from directory listings like yellow pages, oneflare, airtasker and hipages. These sites are difficult to compete with because they have so many links and large advertising budgets. To appear on page one of Google search is not going to be easy.

The advantage that we have is that we can identify the key words that are being used by the competition and find opportunity that the directly listings are not able to take.

One Vision Electrical Website and SEO: Where to begin.

Peter doesn’t have a website. Until now, he has relied on word of mouth and a little bit of Facebook Marketing. So we have to go through the process or registering the domain name, creating the security certificate, registering the DNS via Sucuri Firewall and hosting the website.

We will research the competition for Peter in Carlingford and research the terms and pages that they are showing up for in Google Search.

My marketing approach will include the following.

1. Identify a budget.
2. Identify current resources.
3. Identify current marketing processes.
4. Identify how I can do it better.
5. Identify new systems that will add value to my marketing.

I have established my role and boundaries so it is time to begin.

Peter has provided some local photos and logos for the page.

Web Page Design

1. Identify electrical and electrician Keywords for each page
2. Optimise the Page Title, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
3. Optimise the Page Meta Data, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
4. Optimise the Page Structured Data, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
5. Page length to be 1000+ words with 2% keywords and associated variants.
6. The page URL should include the Primary Key Word
7. Page Structure to include h1, h2, h3, h4…
8. Structured Data to be included in the header
9. AMP markup to be included
8. Include a form with a call to action – or contact details on each page.
8. Include internal links
9. Images to include alt attributes with associated variants of keywords

We will continue with Peter’s Facebook marketing to:

  • Personalize the Brand.
  • Drive Users to Website.
  • Generate More Traffic.
  • Educate and Create Awareness.
  • Promote Business Culture.

To achieve our aim, we must test, evaluate, and adjust the strategy to be effective and efficient. Constantly evaluate where we are and what we have achieved. Use analytics to measure the impact our marketing is having.

  • Become the preferred electrician Carlingford.
  • Drive new customers to our site.
  • List on search engines for clients trying to find our electrical services.

Facebook Rules:

  • The articles have to be relevant.
  • They must involve electrical and Carlingford
  • Articles must be informative and social.
  • Facebook is social, not a direct sales platform. Continuous sales pitching is bad for business.

Drive Users to Website.

Make sure our post has either a call to action with a button or a text link for your followers to follow. Search online for examples of “electrician Carlingford” to find the competition and preferred keywords.

Generate More Traffic

Backlinks will generate more traffic to your website. We will create a ucard for Peter and his business.

Be creative. This image is our cover page for Searchonline’s Ucard.

Search online for your passion

Promote Business Culture

What is the culture of the organisation? As the site grows over time, the culture of the site will be visible and we will be able to engage more in the culture.

Our Backlink Strategy

My first backlink for Peter is to add him to my personal tradies list on trello. I know it wont bring him any real traffic, but it is handy for me when I want to find him easily on my list.

Another location that will bring him some traffic is to create a Ucard business listing. Ucard shows up as a valuable asset for electricians and plumbers or other trades. – Google Sites Strategy

Google Sites (Google My Business) boasts incredibly powerful search engine optimization benefits. We will treat Google Sites as a photography journal. All articles should be electrical SEO Optimized and linked back to articles on the website. All other article rules should stay the same.
1. Articles have to be relevant.
2. They must involve the trades.
3. They must be informative.
4. Google Sites should be 90% images with backlinks to original site sections. – Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is our visual backlink strategy. All images on our site have to be linked to Pinterest. Each image is to follow our SEO Strategy. is a great way to list photos and articles on pinterest that link back to your website. – Our LinkedIn strategy

Our LinkedIn Strategy is to promote our company page. From there, link to the other articles and stories about Google Adwords Strategy

For Google Adwords to be effective and efficient we need the Key Words to properly represent the webpage and the business. If we are trying for keywords that are not appropriate for our SEO, we will end up paying a lot more to be listed and probably get an inquiry for the wrong reasons. We end up wasting our time answering calls to wrong numbers.

Our Google Adwords Strategy is as follows.

1. Identify the keywords that are used by our potential members that correctly associate with our website.
2. Identify negative keywords that do not directly associate with our unique business.
3. Create Ad Groups for business directory and business cards categories.
4. Create multiple versions of advertising copy to compare and test the most effective copy. Video Strategy

Create professional video library with information and downloads that directly relate to our site. How to Videos on using the site that will put top of mind when they need help.

Identify how I can do it better.

Google Adwords require a Continuous Improvement Program. Google Adwords are an effective marketing tool if you can keep the cost down by removing all negative keywords. The cost can have the most impact on reaching new clients. Every day new keywords are being used and the majority should be included in the negative keyword list.

This will prevent unnecessary expense and improve customer experience. We do not want searches arriving at our page and then clicking the back button because they were expecting different information. We do want people that are searching for our services being able to find our services. If our budget is being spent on the wrong search, we will not be available when the right search is looking for us.

Create a backlink and online business card with

Identify new systems that will add value to our marketing.

By populating the business details onto the Facebook page and creating some clever ad copy, were have a starting point to build on. We need to match articles with the keywords that searchers are looking for. I need to spend more time producing content that is valuable to our clients. Not technical content with technical terms, but informational content with general terms being used by our potential new electrical customers.

This document is a work in progress. Ever-changing and being updated with more information.