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If you want to make money online, do the research and invest time in Google search.

If you are determined to make money online, start searching Youtube. There are online self-help and entrepreneurial communities willing to teach you everything there is to know about making money from home, on your computer or in your workshop.

  • Selling products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling ebooks
  • Adsense
  • Clickbank
  • Affiliate Junctions

I have tried many things to become successful and make money online. I haven’t been smart enough or creative enough to make those techniques work. I went back to my computer support business and looked at ways I could create an online recurring income doing the work that I was good at. I have been helping people with computers for a long time and I have the same customers for 10 years, so I believe I am good at customer support.

I put together a checklist to find out what my customers were interested in and came up with a business plan that I could work on.

My computer support customers are interested in

To create these systems I had to learn new skills that take time. I also built relationships with others that could help me understand the best way to make things work. Follow the Total Commitment Plan of continuous improvement.

That’s the secret.

Find out what your customers need and come up with a solution for them to achieve a result. The more people you can help, the more successful you can become.

Start by using the checklist below.

  • Identify your ideal customer, who are they, what do they do and how will they find you.
  • How much money will you need to get started. Where will it come from?
  • Decide on your contribution – are you going to do everything yourself or outsource.
  • How do you want your business to function in 2 years. You, on your own? With a partner? with 10 partners?
  • What products? What services will you provide? Will they be digital or physical?
  • How will you make it, how will you deliver it, how much room or equipment do you need?
  • When will the money start to come in and how? Will you be paid for products or paid for services.
  • Can my income be a recurring income? Can I get paid next month to do the same task again? Can I sell a second item when this one is finished or used?
  • Where will your customers come from and your products be delivered to? What supply system and payment systems do I need?
  • Who can you rely on to help you get to your end result.
  • Now go and ask why, 3 times(why,why,why) to all the questions and answers above.

Then what? You have all this information, what is it for. The money wont flow until you have a product or service to sell and a happy customer willing to see value in what you offer.

All this information is for one purpose! To help you ask the right questions.

Find the keywords and phrases among all of your answers. This will become your Passion Project. Do a PDF search for ebooks, white papers and PDF documents about your passion project and start to learn.

Take the “passion idea” and now try entering it into google as follows. (replace the words inside the ” “)

filetype:pdf “create an online business”

The result should be downloadable documents and ebooks about your passion idea. Enjoy the journey, I look forward to hearing about what you achieve.

Let me know how you go with finding your Passion Project.

One of my passion projects is writing stories. I created and you can follow our progress on our webpage or join our facebook writing group.

Warren Moore

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