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The Foot Alignment Clinic – Skilled Podiatrists and Custom Orthotics

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The Foot Alignment Clinic, Marrickville, Leichhardt, Sydney and Hunters Hill NSW. Contact Neil Smith, Beth Fechner and Gavin Johnston for custom orthotics.

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URL: https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/

Canonical: https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/


Page Heading Structure

<H1> The Foot Alignment Clinic | Custom Orthotics & Expert Podiatrists
<H1> Request A Call Back
<H3> COVID 19 | Telehealth Via Zoom
<H5> Private Health Rebates
<H5> Medicare
<H5> Department of Veterans Affairs
<H5> Enhanced Primary Care Plan Program
<H2> Why use the Foot Alignment Clinic?
<H3> We treat all pain and symptoms caused from poor foot posture.
<H4> Uncorrected Foot Position
<H4> Uncorrected Foot Position
<H4> Corrected Foot Position
<H4> Checking the exact foot shape.
<H2> Corrected Weight Bearing Orthotics
<H3> Neil Smith. Inventor of  The Vertical Foot Alignment System
<H2> We offer a range of services unique to The Foot Alignment Clinic.
<H2> Patented technology, experienced skills and trained staff.
<H3> General Podiatry | Biomechanical Assessment | Gait Analysis | Diabetic Foot Assessment
<H2> The Team
<H5> Neil SmithPedorthist
<H5> Beth FechnerPodiatrist
<H5> Lenore SmithPodiatrist
<H5> Gavin JohnstonePhysio Therapist
<H2> Clinic Locations

H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 
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Images and Alt Tags


Images missing Information
w=500, ALT: /, Title: /
w=320, ALT: Patient standing showing the alignment lines on the feet, Title: /
w=320, ALT: Uncorrected foot alignment, Title: /
w=320, ALT: Neil Smith and The VerticalFAS Machine, Title: /
w=320, ALT: Neil fitting foot aligners for arch support, Title: /

Images Completed
w=1024, ALT: Uncorrected Foot Alignment,
Title: fac-uncorrected

w=1024, ALT: Corrected Foot Alignment,
Title: fac-corrected

w=396, ALT: Neil Smith standing next to the Vertical Foot Alignment System VFAS,
Title: verticalfas-training-neil-smith-with-vfas

w=833, ALT: Neil Smith Pedorthist
Title: Neil Smith Pedorthist

w=800, ALT: Foot Alignment Clinic – Beth Fechner Podiatrist
Title: Beth Fechner Podiatrist

w=430, ALT: Lenore Smith – Medical Pedicures
Title: Lenore Smith – Medical Pedicures

w=329, ALT: Gavin Johnstone Posture and Biomechanics
Title: Gavin Johnstone Posture and Biomechanics

w=723, ALT: Foot Alignment Clinic Map image link
Title: fac-map

Improving Image Tags

Improving image tags is a key part of SEO as it helps search engines understand the content of the images and the context in which they are used. Here’s how you can improve the image tags provided:

Images Missing Information
Add Descriptive ALT Text: The ALT attribute should accurately describe the image content and context, using relevant keywords where appropriate.

For the image with ALT: /, you could use something like ALT: “Foot Alignment Clinic Logo” if the image is a logo.
Add Meaningful Title Attributes: The Title attribute should also be descriptive and can be used to provide additional context or call to action.

For the image with Title: /, you could use something like Title: “Learn More about Our Foot Alignment Services”.
Use Hyphens for File Names: Instead of using underscores or spaces, use hyphens in image file names to improve readability by search engines.

Instead of fac-uncorrected, use foot-alignment-clinic-uncorrected.

Images Completed
Even for images with completed tags, ensure that the ALT and Title attributes are as descriptive and relevant as possible.

ALT Attribute:

The ALT text should be detailed and describe what is shown in the image, reflecting the content of the page where the image is placed.

For ALT: Neil Smith Pedorthist, consider adding more context like ALT: “Neil Smith, Expert Pedorthist at Foot Alignment Clinic”.
Title Attribute: The Title attribute can be used to provide additional information, such as actions for the user or a brief description.

For Title: Beth Fechner Podiatrist, you could expand to Title: “Meet Beth Fechner, Our Skilled Podiatrist”.
Consistency in Naming Conventions: Ensure that the naming conventions for ALT and Title attributes are consistent across all images.

Responsive Images: If not already implemented, use srcset and sizes attributes to serve different sized images based on the device, which is beneficial for page load times and mobile SEO.

File Size Optimization: Ensure that the images are optimized for the web to reduce load times, which is a factor in SEO rankings.

Structured Data:

If applicable, use structured data to provide more information about the images, especially if they are product images or relevant to the content in a significant way.

json code:
“@context”: “http://schema.org”,
“@type”: “ImageObject”,
“name”: “Neil Smith, Expert Pedorthist”,
“contentUrl”: “https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/path-to-image.jpg”,
“description”: “Neil Smith providing expert pedorthic services at the Foot Alignment Clinic.”,
“license”: “https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/image-license”

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Title: /
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/blog/ : Title: Foot Alignment Clinic Posts
/foot-pain-common-search/ : Title: /
/privacy-policy/ : Title: /
/referral-form/ : Title: /

http://r.whereis.com/HMzrFoY: Title : Marrickville Clinic
http://r.whereis.com/bEROACD : Title: City Office
http://r.whereis.com/f7gKmd8 : Title: Hunters Hill Clinic
https://bit.ly/2KEyPbY : Title: /
https://bit.ly/3jSJfra: Title : Leichhart Clinic
https://cjtech.com.au : Title: /
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XYPk46KOxFz5ZxIBx7-pH_CluJKNSEJO&usp=sharing : Title: /
https://foot-alignment-clinic.au2.cliniko.com/bookings : Title: /

https://footalignmentclinic.com.au/contact-us/ : Title: /
https://footalignmentclinic.com.au/insoles-for-flat-feet/ : Title: /
https://footalignmentclinic.com.au/plantar-fasciitis-treatment/ : Title: /
https://footalignmentclinic.com.au/podiatrist-leichhardt-foot-alignment-clinic/ : Title: /
https://footalignmentclinic.com.au/podiatry-services/ : Title: /
https://footalignmentclinic.com.au/recurrent-muscle-injuries/ : Title: /
https://footalignmentclinic.com.au/shin-splints-treatment/Title : /

https://vimeo.com/album/5844008 : Title: /
https://www.facebook.com/FootAlignmentClinic.com.au/ : Title: /

https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/ : Title: /

https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/about-us/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/beth-fechner-podiatry-high-risk-feet/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/biomechanics/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/condition-treated-list/ : Title: Conditions Treated by The Foot Alignment Clinic
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/contact-us/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/gavin-johnston-posture-biomechanics/ : Title: The Foot Alignment Clinic Hunters Hill
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/lenore-smith-medical-pedicures/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/neil-smith-experienced-in-orthotics-and-biomechanics/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/our-staff/ : Title: /

https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/patient-form/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/podiatry-services/ : Title: Gait analysis and corrective treatment
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/services/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/sydney-orthotics-case-example/ : Title: /
https://www.footalignmentclinic.com.au/sydney-orthotics/ : Title: Custom Sydney Orthotics
https://www.globalfootcare.com.au/men?partner_code=b4sbfK9K&referring_service=link : Title: /
https://www.globalfootcare.com.au/shop-men-s/diabetic.html?partner_code=b4sbfK9K&referring_service=link : Title: /
https://www.globalfootcare.com.au/shop-men-s/walking-shoes.html?partner_code=b4sbfK9K&referring_service=link : Title: /
https://www.globalfootcare.com.au/women?partner_code=b4sbfK9K&referring_service=link : Title: /
https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1XYPk46KOxFz5ZxIBx7-pH_CluJKNSEJO&ll=-33.873620637252486%2C151.1783977&z=13 : Title: /

Improving the link structure of a website is crucial for both user experience and SEO. Here’s how you could improve the link structure based on the information provided:

1. **Ensure Every Link Has a Descriptive Title**: Links without a title attribute should be given a descriptive title. This helps with SEO and accessibility, as users and search engines can better understand the link context.

– For example, `/foot-pain-common-search/ : Title: /` should be `/foot-pain-common-search/ : Title: Common Foot Pain Queries`

2. **Avoid Duplicate Titles**: Unique titles for each link are important to avoid confusion and to provide clear navigation cues.

– For instance, if `/privacy-policy/ : Title: /` and other links have the same title, they should be given unique titles that reflect their content, like `Title: Privacy Policy`.

3. **Shorten and Clarify URLs**: Some URLs, especially those with external redirects like `http://r.whereis.com/HMzrFoY`, could be shortened and made more descriptive for better user understanding and SEO.

– Instead of `http://r.whereis.com/HMzrFoY`, use a more descriptive path like `/locations/marrickville-clinic` with a proper redirect to the external URL.

4. **Consolidate Similar Links**: If there are multiple links leading to similar content, consider consolidating them into a single, authoritative page.

– For example, if there are several links to different clinic locations, consider having a single `/locations` page that lists all the clinics.

5. **Use HTTPS for All Internal Links**: Ensure all internal links use HTTPS to improve security and trustworthiness.

– Replace `http://` with `https://` for all internal links.

6. **Resolve Shortened URLs**: Shortened URLs like `https://bit.ly/2KEyPbY` should be replaced with their final destination URLs if possible, as this improves transparency and trust.

7. **Remove or Replace Broken Links**: Any links that do not lead to a valid destination should be removed or updated to the correct URL.

8. **Add Meaningful Anchor Text**: Instead of using the URL as anchor text, use descriptive text that tells users and search engines what to expect when they click the link.

– For example, instead of showing the full URL for a contact page, use “Contact Us” as the anchor text.

9. **Categorize and Structure Links**: Organize links in a logical structure, such as grouping all service-related links under a “Services” directory.

10. **Improve URL Structure**: URLs should be intuitive and reflect the site hierarchy. They should contain keywords that are relevant to the page content.

– For example, instead of `/sydney-orthotics-case-example/`, use `/orthotics/case-studies/sydney-example`.

11. **Implement Redirects for Outdated URLs**: If any URLs have been changed or updated, make sure to implement 301 redirects from the old URL to the new one to preserve link equity and user experience.

12. **Regularly Audit Links**: Regularly check all links on the website to ensure they are working, relevant, and up-to-date.

By implementing these improvements, you can enhance the navigability of your site, improve user experience, and potentially boost your SEO performance.

Social Tags and Linking

OPEN GRAPH (Facebook) 

The Foot Alignment Clinic – Skilled Podiatrists and Custom Orthotics
The Foot Alignment Clinic, Marrickville, Leichhardt, Sydney and Hunters Hill NSW. Contact Neil Smith, Beth Fechner and Gavin Johnston for custom orthotics.
Foot Alignment Clinic


No DATA has been found for TWITTER

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No IMAGE_SRC has been found

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Item Type
Item Type
Item Type
Item Type

Open Graph Improvements

Improving Open Graph (OG) data and adding Twitter Card data can significantly enhance the visibility of your content on social media platforms. Here’s how you can improve the existing OG data and add Twitter Card data:

Open Graph Improvements:
og:image: Add an og:image property to define a preview image for the page. Choose an image that is visually appealing and represents the brand or the page content.

og:description: Make sure the description is concise, yet informative and contains relevant keywords. It should entice users to click through to the website.

og:locale:alternate: If your website is available in multiple languages, use the og:locale:alternate property to indicate the alternate languages.

Refine og:title: The title should be catchy and include the main keyword for the page. It should also be under 60 characters to display well on most platforms.

og:url: Ensure that the URL provided is the canonical URL and is consistent across all shares.

Adding Twitter Card Data:
Since no Twitter data is found, you should add Twitter Card metadata to improve how your content is displayed on Twitter.

twitter:card: This is to specify the type of card you want, typically “summary_large_image” for a large preview image or “summary” for a smaller image.

twitter:site: The Twitter username of the website or site creator.

twitter:title: Similar to og:title, but specifically for Twitter.

twitter:description: Similar to og:description, tailored for a Twitter audience.

twitter:image: Reflects the image specified in og:image.

twitter:creator: If there is a specific author or creator for the content, you can mention their Twitter handle here.

Schema.org Improvements:
For Schema.org, ensure that the itemtype is used within a itemscope to define the context of the item being described. If you have multiple addresses, ensure they are marked up within their respective PostalAddress scopes and include properties such as streetAddress, addressLocality, addressRegion, postalCode, and addressCountry.

1234 Street Name,
Postal Code,

By making these improvements, you’ll provide richer data to social media platforms and search engines, which can lead to better visibility and click-through rates for your content.