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Get a clear vision!

A new business takes a lot of work to go from “Good Idea” to “Being a Business”. We would love to help. Get your idea from your head onto paper. Ask your self “What, When, Where, Why, How and Who?”

What will you need? When will you need it by? Where can you get help with that? Why do I need it? How can I get it done? Who can I ask to help with that?

New Business Project Plan.

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Electrician articles of interest

Easily Create a Network Using Your Home’s Electrical Wiring.

Do you want to create a network in your home or office without having to pull wires through the walls? Do you want to improve the coverage of your wireless network easily? Then you should know about Netgear’s Powerline Network Adapters.

For the best reliability and network performance – talk to your local electrician. Power line adapters may get you out of trouble, but the best performance will be achieved by cat6 cabling or a fibre network.

Power line adapters let you create an network using the electrical wiring in the walls of your home or office. Yes, this may sound odd. I was skeptical at first, but this technology has been through several generations and works well now. You can read about the history and how this works in this Wikipedia article. Netgear is not the only company that makes such products. A bunch of companies make products that are, supposedly, interoperable and all comply with the HomePlug standards.

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How to Easily Extend Your Home Network with Powerline Networking

Running new wires and physically extending your home network in existing construction is a hassle at best and a nightmare at worst. You don’t need to fish cable and tear up drywall to run new cable; you can use your home’s electrical wiring as a high speed home network. Read on as we show you how.

For the best reliability and network performance – talk to your local electrician. Power line adapters may get you out of trouble, but the best performance will be achieved by cat6 cabling or a fibre network.

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What Is Powerline Networking?

Most of us think of the electrical wiring in our homes as a one-trick pony (albeit with a very valuable trick): the wires deliver the power that makes modern life possible and very comfortable. There’s another trick those very wires are capable of, though, and when you’re dreading the thought of running network cable through your walls, punching holes in the drywall for new drops, and otherwise spending a weekend (or longer) on a network renovation it can be a real life saver.

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There’s no denying that marketing your business reaps rewards. As long as you do it effectively of course. A surprisingly large part of working as an electrician is networking with colleagues, competitors and the wider community. After all, you never know who may need to call on you in the future. Isn’t it better that they have a positive impression of you?

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It may not seem like it, but for many people out there, networking does not come easily. It can be a difficult concept to grasp – going into a room filled with strangers and talking about yourself can be downright stressful and even frightening at times. But there are some little things you can do to increase your confidence and in turn, your chances of networking effectively.

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Powerline adapter versus ethernet and wifi

I was involved in a recent discussion on “running systems over power line adapters”. My previous experience of using power line based ethernet adapters was terrible, unreliable and affected by other equipment connected to the circuit. Intermittent networking problems with a powerline device connected to the network became the obvious point of concern, and we were determined to find a way of cabling around the issue.

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Internet, WIFI and Your Local Electrician

The Internet is so essential to everyday lives, how we have changed over the last 15 years. If you can remember the sound that your modem use to make when connecting via dialup, you know what I mean.

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Wizard Security Marketing Plan

I would like to introduce you to Wizard Security. Kevin Pace from Pace Electrical Pty Ltd has decided to separate his domestic security business from the Pace Electrical Business and in doing so has created Wizard Security.

Wizard Security is able to market the hardware directly to the public and assist with installation if needed.

The advantage that you have with Wizard Security is the vast experience and background of Pace Electrical behind the brand.

Marketing Wizard Security

1. Identify a budget.
2. Identify current resources.
3. Identify current marketing processes.
4. Identify how I can do it better.
5. Identify new systems that will add value to my marketing.

1. Identify A Budget.

The budget is established and we have set daily limits on any advertising spend. This is critical. Identify limits that can be measured so that I don’t get any surprises at the end of the journey. If my marketing budget is set too high, without reasonable expectations of revenue, I can dig a deep hole big enough to bury myself in.

2. Identify Current Resources

Being effective and efficient is important. Duplicating resources and process are wasting time and money. I am aware of marketing that is being done by others (nill), so I am now able to create my plan. I will investigate missed opportunities and establish an approach that will allow me to focus on one thing that we can do great.

I have established my role and boundaries so that I can concentrate my efforts in the area required.

3. Identify Current Marketing Process

I am looking at opportunities with Google My Business, backlinks and article content. There is a lot of opportunity for Wizard Security.

3.1 Wizard Security Website.

The Website is new and has no traffic. That means that it is only up from here.

We need to focus on getting Wizard Security out to the world which means registering it in places that will build an audience.

3.2 Website SEO Process

1. Identify current business directory Keywords.
2. Optimise the Page Title, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
3. Optimise the Page Meta Data, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
4. Optimise the Page Structured Data, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
5. Page length to be 1000+ words with 2% keywords and associated variants.
6. The page URL should include the Primary Key Word
7. Page Structure to include h1, h2, h3, h4…
8. Structured Data to be included in the header
9. AMP markup to be included
8. Include a form with a call to action – or contact details on each page.
8. Include internal links
9. Images to include alt attributes with associated variants of keywords

We need to create some authority pages, with text and keywords identifying our benefits and opportunities. The direction should come from the current page rank and traffic.

3.3 Our marketing aim is to achieve the following:

  • Personalize the Brand.
  • Drive Users to Website.
  • Generate More Traffic.
  • Educate and Create Awareness.
  • Promote Business Culture.

To achieve our aim, we must test, evaluate, and adjust the strategy to be effective and efficient. Concentrating on the text content, the image metadata and the call to action.

3.31. Personalize the Brand

This means that the posts should reflect the business and use the words that people are searching for. Our main focus is on providing domestic security solutions to home and small office users. Commercial users and construction sites will need custom security solutions provided by Pace Electrical Pty Ltd

We have 3 tasks.

  • Become a preferred security solution provider.
  • Drive new business to the website.
  • list on search engines for segments of the security market.

3.32. Drive Users to Website.

Make sure your post has either a call to action with a button or a text link for your followers to follow. Concentrate on predetermined backlinks and appropriate anchor text.

3.33. Generate More Traffic

Backlinks will generate more traffic to your website, but it is important that the value of the backlink matches the destination URL. Our page quality score needs to be high. This is achieved by having details and relevant content on each landing page.

3.34. Our Backlink Strategy

Google Sites Strategy

Google Sites and Google My Business boasts incredibly powerful search engine optimization benefits. We will treat Google Sites as a photography journal. All articles should be SEO Optimised and linked back to articles on the website. All other article rules should stay the same.
1. Articles have to be relevant.
2. They must involve the current, live sites.
3. They must be informative.
4. Google Sites should be 90% images with backlinks to original site sections.

Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is our visual backlink strategy. All images on our site have to be linked to Pinterest. Each image is to follow our SEO Strategy.

Our LinkedIn strategy

Our LinkedIn Strategy is to promote our company page. From there, link to the other articles and stories about Wizard Security.

Google Adwords Strategy

For Google Adwords to be effective and efficient we need the Key Words to properly represent the webpage and the business. If we are trying for keywords that are not appropriate for our SEO, we will end up paying a lot more to be listed and probably get an enquiry for the wrong reasons. We end up wasting our time answering calls to wrong numbers.

Our Google Adwords Strategy is as follows.

1. Identify the keywords that are used by our potential buyers that correctly associate with our website.
2. Identify negative keywords that do not directly associate with our unique business.
3. Create Ad Groups for business directory and business cards categories.
4. Create multiple versions of advertising copy to compare and test the most effective copy.

Video Strategy

Create a professional video library with information and downloads that directly relate to our site.

4. Identify how I can do it better.

Google Adwords requires a Continuous Improvement Program. Google Adwords is an effective marketing tool if you can keep the cost down by removing all negative keywords. The cost can have the most impact on reaching new clients. Every day new keywords are being used and the majority should be included in the negative keyword list.

This will prevent unnecessary expense and improve customer experience. We do not want searches arriving at our page and then clicking the back button because they were expecting different information. We do want people that are searching for our services being able to find our services. If our budget is being spent on the wrong search, we will not be available when the right search is looking for us.

5. Identify new systems that will add value to my marketing.

Tumblr is a great place to build content ideas. Tumblr is not the place for full blog posts. Its niche lies in small, bite-sized pieces of content—think memes, photosinfographics, short blurbs, quotes, etc.

By populating the business details onto Tumblr and creating some clever ad copy, were have a starting point to build on. We need to match articles with the keywords that searchers are looking for.

I need to spend more time producing content that is valuable to our clients. Not technical content with technical terms, but informational content with general terms being used by our potential new small business owners

This document is a work in progress. Ever-changing and being updated with more information.

Making Money Online | Do The Research

If you want to make money online, do the research and invest time in Google search.

If you are determined to make money online, start searching Youtube. There are online self-help and entrepreneurial communities willing to teach you everything there is to know about making money from home, on your computer or in your workshop.

  • Selling products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling ebooks
  • Adsense
  • Clickbank
  • Affiliate Junctions

I have tried many things to become successful and make money online. I haven’t been smart enough or creative enough to make those techniques work. I went back to my computer support business and looked at ways I could create an online recurring income doing the work that I was good at. I have been helping people with computers for a long time and I have the same customers for 10 years, so I believe I am good at customer support.

I put together a checklist to find out what my customers were interested in and came up with a business plan that I could work on.

My computer support customers are interested in

To create these systems I had to learn new skills that take time. I also built relationships with others that could help me understand the best way to make things work. Follow the Total Commitment Plan of continuous improvement.

That’s the secret.

Find out what your customers need and come up with a solution for them to achieve a result. The more people you can help, the more successful you can become.

Start by using the checklist below.

  • Identify your ideal customer, who are they, what do they do and how will they find you.
  • How much money will you need to get started. Where will it come from?
  • Decide on your contribution – are you going to do everything yourself or outsource.
  • How do you want your business to function in 2 years. You, on your own? With a partner? with 10 partners?
  • What products? What services will you provide? Will they be digital or physical?
  • How will you make it, how will you deliver it, how much room or equipment do you need?
  • When will the money start to come in and how? Will you be paid for products or paid for services.
  • Can my income be a recurring income? Can I get paid next month to do the same task again? Can I sell a second item when this one is finished or used?
  • Where will your customers come from and your products be delivered to? What supply system and payment systems do I need?
  • Who can you rely on to help you get to your end result.
  • Now go and ask why, 3 times(why,why,why) to all the questions and answers above.

Then what? You have all this information, what is it for. The money wont flow until you have a product or service to sell and a happy customer willing to see value in what you offer.

All this information is for one purpose! To help you ask the right questions.

Find the keywords and phrases among all of your answers. This will become your Passion Project. Do a PDF search for ebooks, white papers and PDF documents about your passion project and start to learn.

Take the “passion idea” and now try entering it into google as follows. (replace the words inside the ” “)

filetype:pdf “create an online business”

The result should be downloadable documents and ebooks about your passion idea. Enjoy the journey, I look forward to hearing about what you achieve.

Let me know how you go with finding your Passion Project.

One of my passion projects is writing stories. I created Inflection.cloud and you can follow our progress on our webpage or join our facebook writing group.

Warren Moore

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