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Today we are going to create a marketing strategy for Ison Upholstery – Seven Hills NSW.

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About Ison Upholstery

Unit 17/ 35 Foundry Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147

Re Upholster All Types Of Commercial & Domestic Furniture.

We specialise in custom made lounges. We have a unique business in that we not only cover and renovate furniture, we also specialise in custom made lounges and like to suit our client’s needs. Together with our prompt, efficient, personalised quoting system. We have a showroom with a comprehensive range of quality fabrics and furniture to be viewed.

Project Milestones:
1. Identify a marketing budget.
2. Identify current resources.
3. Identify current marketing processes.
4. Identify how I can do it better.
5. Identify new systems that will add value to Ison Upholstery.

Marketing Costs and Budgets


Marketing budgets as a percentage of the overall firm budget has remained relatively steady over the past several years. Consistent with the increase in marketing budgets overall, marketing budgets have reached 11.3% in 2020, according to the February 2020 CMO Survey.

Costs for inclusion to the Marketing Budget

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Hosting
  • Website Hosting and Security
  • Website Backup
  • Email Hosting
    • Email Marketing costs
  • SEO Marketing
    • Article Creation
    • Video Creation
    • Banner Ad creation
    • SEO and Article Research
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Article Creation
    • Facebook PPC
    • Monitoring Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook
  • Print Media Marketing
    • Direct Marketing – mailbox drops
    • Poster and Pointer Signs
    • Uniforms and Embroidery


Being effective and efficient is essential. Duplicating resources and process are wasting time and money. I am aware of the marketing that others are doing, so I can create my plan. I have established my role and boundaries so that I can concentrate my efforts in the area required.


Current Marketing Processes for Ison Upholstery include:

Business Style Guide – Identity and Brand Standards

The Ison Upholstery Brand is more than a logo, a colour, or a typeface. It is the total experience a customer will have when they interact with Ison Upholstery. Consistency and coordination is essential to build brand equity, and for this reason, standards and marketing schedules are to be maintained.

Who is impacted by maintaining a brand style guide and standard?

The Ison Upholstery brand style guide serves as a resource to help employees project the desired image established by the business’s founders. 

Customers of Ison Upholstery can have confidence that they will consistently achieve established results through guidelines and systems. Creating a brand visual identify is the beginning. To complete the task, standards are needed to guarantee the results and expectations.


Ison Upholstery Icon and Logo
Ison Upholstery Banner Text
Ison Upholstery Logo and Banner text.

Brand Colours:
The Red Colour is #BE273A
Background I & U is #D2D3D5
Large Text Colour: Black #231F20
Small Fond Text Colour: #BF283B
The Grey Border: #6E7679
White Background: FFFFFF

Font Large Black: Impact | 144pt | Black | #231F20
Font Small Red: sans-serif | 24pt | Red | #BF283B
Body Text: sans-serif | 14pt | Black | #000000

Website Standards

About Us!

About Section
Business History and Time Line
Mission Statement
Vision Statement

Main Content

What, When, Where, Why and How we do business.

Contact Us!

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Unit 17/ 35 Foundry Rd,
Seven Hills NSW 2147

The Approval Process

All Ison Upholstery Marketing and Branding changes require approval before use. Specifically, catalogues, direct mail, trade shows, video production, collateral, web content, presentation templates, signage and vehicle labelling.