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S70B2 Seahawk Navy Days
Warren Moore – Second from the left

A big part of my life was spent in the Royal Australian Navy as a communications technician and later we were called avionics technicians. It was a strange way to grow up. I joined when I was 15 years old. We were taught to do what we were told and that’s what I did for 18 years. When the time came to move on from the Navy I found myself in a position that I wasn’t familiar with. I had transferable skills but no idea of what they were worth or how to market them.

I created The Gecko Corporation Pty Ltd trading as CJ Tech Support in 1999, and started looking for work. I joined a consulting, labour-hire firm and worked in a position with Ord Minnett. A stockbroking, finance firm in Sydney. I think I was able to get the position mainly because the guy that was hiring and his boss were both Ex-Navy. I found my new home for a couple of years.

CJ Tech Support - PT Cruisers

I was then headhunted to join another consulting firm Acumen Alliance. I had the idea that with their help we could build a great tech support team and consult to some of the big financial institutions in Sydney. This started to work, but things changed in the firm with the acquisition of C3, another tech firm.

It ended up with the team shutting down and the seven tech guys in my team without jobs. This eventually turned out to be the best outcome, with some of the team going to become VP’s of Multinational Corporations and others creating their own enterprises that have been working and growing successfully for the last 18 years.

Carloline and Warren Moore

My bride and I started working in our tech support business and to this day still, have the same customers that we started with. Caroline, my bride, has taken a position with an insurance business that recognised her amazing talents and she is busy working hard but enjoying the social side of the business in a more corporate environment, plus having a regular pay cheque helps.

Our current clients include some very clever people; inventors, podiatrists, physiotherapists, real estate developers, real estate agents, strata management, finance professionals, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, newsagents, marketing and sampling agencies, landscapers, cleaners, health care professionals, transport and towing, travel agents, upholsterers, heavy CNC and laser cutting, chemical wholesalers, retailers, electrical engineers, small business, home office and Mum and Dad business.

I look forward to finding out more about your business!


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