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About JR Burns Plumbing.

One early morning, I was checking my email and found a message from Jamie Burns, the owner of JR Burns Plumbing. A friend, Neil Smith from The Foot Alignment Clinic had passed on my details.

I gave Jamie a call and the conversation was very professional. Jamie was looking for opportunities to increase his domestic plumbing sales. He had a website that seemed to be active and functional, but, it wasn’t generating business. The question was asked could I help. Jamie seemed like a good genuine bloke so I agreed to look into it and see if there was a way that I could help.

I found that his website was working well from a google indexing point of view. It has a lot of content but this, unfortunately, disproves the adage, ” If you build it they will come”.

Doing a site:jrburnsplumbing.com.au search showed 15 pages indexed on Google. So it seemed most of the important service pages were indexed and should be generating traffic. So whats going on?

I did a generic keyword search for “JR Burns Plumbing” and immediately found an issue. JR Burns Plumbing is so popular on the internet with every trade service provider page, that the key trade service providers were being listed first. The competition in the plumber marketing space is immense.


Optimise JR Burns Plumbing: Where to begin.

I will concentrate on The Domestic Plumbing Business and use the information to further develop the other commercial and new build plumbing opportunities.
My marketing approach will include the following.

1. Identify a budget.
2. Identify current resources.
3. Identify current marketing processes.
4. Identify how I can do it better.
5. Identify new systems that will add value to my marketing.

1. Identify A Budget.

The budget is established and we have set daily limits on any advertising spend. This is critical. Identify limits that can be measured so that I don’t get any surprises at the end of the journey. If my marketing budget is set too high, without reasonable expectations of revenue, I can dig a deep hole big enough to bury myself in.

2. Identify Current Resources

Being effective and efficient is important. Duplicating resources and process are wasting time and money. I am aware of marketing that is being done by others, so I am now able to create my plan. We have established commitments for social media, print media and graphic design? Articles exist and have been published as professional text in research journals?

I have established my role and boundaries so that I can concentrate my efforts in the area required.

3. Identify Current Marketing Process

Current marketing for JR Burns Plumbing will include the following:
The website, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Jamie’s personal page on LinkedIn, Google Adwords, and YouTube. I will collect articles that can be published and create downloadable ebooks and slideshow videos.
JR Burns Plumbing Website.

The Website is reasonably popular. It is registering on Google search but it is not getting an active response from a “Call to Action” form on the front page. All pages and images are optimised but not for the best keywords that the public is searching for.
We need to give our customers a better user experience by identifying clearly what we do and how we can help. We will be following a standard SEO process as follows.

Website SEO Process

1. Identify Primary Keywords for each page
2. Optimise the Page Title, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
3. Optimise the Page Meta Data, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
4. Optimise the Page Structured Data, make it unique, including Primary Key Word
5. Page length to be 1000+ words with 2% keywords and associated variants.
6. The page URL should include the Primary Key Word
7. Page Structure to include h1, h2, h3, h4…
8. Structured Data to be included in the header
9. AMP markup to be included
8. Include a form with a call to action – or contact details on each page.
8. Include internal links
9. Images to include alt attributes with associated variants of keywords
JR Burns Plumbing Cartoon
JR Burns Plumbing Facebook Strategy.

Our aim with Facebook is to achieve the following:

1. Personalize your brand
2. Drive users to your blog
3. Generate more traffic directly to your website
4. Educate and create awareness about your industry
5. Promote the culture of your organization

To achieve our aim we must test, evaluate, and adjust the strategy to be effective and efficient.

All of this really sounds difficult. But it isn’t. When we look at a Facebook post, it is broken into a few areas. The Text Content, The Image and The Call to action.
1. To personalise our brand

This means that the posts should reflect JR Burns Plumbing. Our main focus is helping people become aware of our services that are available, so our focus with Facebook should be presenting our focus to our followers and their friends. Present our business in a social way, focusing on a CBA (Customer Buying Advantage).

What does all this mean and how do you translate this information into a Facebook post. Well, I know what not to do. Everyone knows what a plumber is, so we don’t have to waste time an money on explaining the business. We have 2 tasks.

One, associate domestic plumbing in Five Dock NSW with JR Burns Plumbing

Embed through repetition of our Customer Buying Advantage.

Facebook Rules:
1. The Articles have to be relevant.
2. The Articles must involve the plumbing
3. The Articles must be informative and social.
4. Facebook is social, not a direct sales platform. Continuous sales pitching is bad for business.

2. Drive users to your blog.

Make sure your post has either a call to action with a button or a text link for your followers to follow. Search online for examples of “plumbing Memes and Call to action” to get some ideas on whats possible.
3. Generate more traffic directly to your website

Backlinks will generate more traffic to your website, but, the presentation of your social media article can be more effective if they make the user want to take part. Be creative. An example is this.

Example of Giving information.
The Following five steps will help your business.

Example of generating traffic to your website.
Click the [download] to get the top five steps to help your business

Example of getting leads for your email list.
Sign up for our ebook on the top five steps to help your business
4. Educate and create awareness about your industry

How to manuals are the most common download on the internet? People want detailed instruction on how to do everything. Ebooks in most cases are PDF files that are downloaded from a website. I will use Ebook search and download to educate and create awareness of JR Burns Plumbing. The first step is to create Capability Statements. Capability Statements are one page resumes on what the clinics can do, what your staff can do and what your products can do. They become a takeaway for your clients to review later offline.
5. Promote the culture of your organization

What is the culture of the organisation? I need to spend more time with the team to get to know more about JR Burns Plumbing. .

JR Burns Plumbing – Google Plus Strategy

Google+ boasts incredibly powerful search engine optimization benefits. Our Google Plus Strategy will be different than Facebook. We will treat Google as a direct link to google search. All articles should be SEO Optimised and linked back to articles on the website. All other article rules should stay the same.
1. The Articles have to be relevant.
2. They must involve the clinics
3. They must be informative.
4. Google plus is not a direct sales platform. Continuous sales pitching is bad for business.

JR Burns Plumbing – Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is our visual backlink strategy. All images on our site have to be linked to Pinterest. Each image is to follow our SEO Strategy.
JR Burns Plumbing – LinkedIn Strategy

JR Burns Plumbing – Our LinkedIn strategy

Our LinkedIn Strategy is to promote Jamie. From there, link to the other articles and stories about JR Burns Plumbing.

JR Burns Plumbing Google Adwords Strategy

For Google Adwords to be effective and efficient we need the Key Words to properly represent the webpage and the business. If we are trying for keywords that are not appropriate for our SEO, we will end up paying a lot more to be listed and probably get an enquiry for the wrong reasons. We end up wasting our time answering calls to wrong numbers. I’ll explain this problem later in more detail.
Our Google Adwords Strategy is as follows.

1. Identify the keywords that are used by our clients that correctly associate with our website.
2. Identify negative keywords that do not directly associate with our unique business.
3. Create Ad Groups for Clinical Categories and Location
4. Create multiple versions of advertising copy to compare and test the most effective copy.

JR Burns Plumbing Video Strategy

Create professional video library with information and downloads that directly relate to our products and services. How to Videos on Plumbing Basics that will put JR Burns Plumbing top of mind when they need help.

4. Identify how I can do it better.

Social Media and Google Adwords. Jamie doesn’t seem to have an effective social media strategy, and he is not using Google Adwords effectively to promote his business.

Google Adwords require a Continuous Improvement Program. Google Adwords are an effective marketing tool if you can keep the cost down by removing all negative key words. The  cost can have the most impact on reaching new clients. Every day new keywords are being used and the majority should be included into the negative keyword list.

This will prevent unnecessary expense and improve the customer experience. We do not want searches arriving at our page and then clicking the back button because they were expecting different information. We do want people that are searching for our services being able to find our services. If our budget is being spent on the wrong search, we will not be available when the right search is looking for us.

JR Burns Coffee Mug5. Identify new systems that will add value to my marketing.

I found that Facebook has generated a generic and blank JR Burns Plumbing business page. It was waiting to be claimed so I processed the appropriate application. This involves confirming with Facebook that you own the page by getting their automated service to call a phone number published on your website. When ownership is proven you have admin rights to the page and can make the most out of what Facebook has to offer.

By populating the business details onto the Facebook page and creating a some clever ad copy, were have a starting point to build on. In 2 weeks we have 40 followers and now appear as number 4 on a google search for JR burns plumbing.

We needs to match articles with the keywords that searches are looking for. I need to spend more time producing content that is valuable to our clients. Not technical content with technical terms, but informational content with general terms being used by our clients. There is no value is producing technical articles aimed at plumbers when our clients wont use the words or search terms.

This document is a work in progress. Ever changing and being updated with more information.


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