Making money online with my investments that worked. Get involved now.

Making money online. My investments of time that have worked.

I have been determined to make money online for the last 16 years and it has been a continuously changing environment that until recently showed no sign of slowing down. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t think it is a train.

  • Selling products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling ebooks
  • Adsense
  • Clickbank
  • Affilaite Junctions

I have tried many things to become successful online. I haven’t been smart enough or creative enough to make those techniques work. I went back to my computer support business and looked at ways I could create an online recurring income doing the work that I was good at. I have been helping people with computers for a long time and I have the same customers for 10 years, so I believe I am good at customer support.

I put together a checklist to find out what my customers were interested in and came up with a business plan that I could work on.

My computer support customers are interested in security, backups, website hosting, domain creations, website development, SEO, Facebook advertising, Ad-words and online marketing. To create these systems I had to learn new skills that take time and money. I also built relationships with others that could help me understand the best way to make things work.

If you are interested in what I have learned, and want to create digital assets, go to I will document my learning journey.


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These are no nonsense, business activities that can produce a valuable result for my clients. So ten years ago I started putting in place the systems and best practice that my clients could use to achieve their goals. That’s the secret. Find out what your customers need and come up with a solution for them to achieve a result. If your solution can be marketed as a monthly subscription you will enjoy an ongoing monthly income. An income that will free up your time and provide for your family. It’s not money for nothing, you still have to produce the results, but the income will be regular and you can refine your processes to be efficient and effective. If you grow your business, you can afford to get someone to assist you and again grow your business into a sale able product.

Start by using the checklist below.

  1. Identify your ideal customer, Who are they, What do they do and how will they find you.
  2. How much money will you need to get started. Where will it come from?
  3. Decide on your contribution – are you going to do everything yourself or outsource.
  4. How do you want your business to function in 2 years. You, on your own? With a partner? with 10 partners?
  5. What products? What services will you provide? Will they be digital or physical?
  6. How will you make it, How will you deliver it, How much room or equipment do you need?
  7. When will the money start to come in and how? Will you be paid for products or paid for services.
  8. Can my income be a recurring income? Can I get paid next month to do the same task again? Can I sell a second item when this one is finished or used?
  9. Where will your customers come from and your products be delivered to? What supply system and payment systems do I need?
  10. Who can you rely on to help you get to your end result.
  11. Now go and ask why, 3 times(why,why,why) to all the questions and answers above.

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I hope you do well. Please let me know how you are going, I am happy to help.