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My recommended digital marketing course.

Everyone should do a digital marketing course to understand how information exchange has changed since the introduction of Google Search, Facebook Advertising and LinkedIn for business. The names have changed over the years but the learning challenge is the same. I can remember trying to understand how creating a web page was going to change my business, Then the email went from Outlook on the desktop to collaborative and live online with Google. I learned about internet marketing and SEO. I studied HTML, CSS, and Javascript and that then lead me to responsive web design and being mobile ready. Everything became pretty and motion was introduced with animation, canvas, and video. But it still had to be small and quick. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes.

What has changed the most in last five years? Graphics. The standard desktop PC is now sold with a 24 – 27″ monitor. So your website needs to be bright and vibrant and catch the imagination of your audience. But your audience is on the move and picks up their iPad to keep working on the lounge. Your screen needs to be bright and vibrant on a high-resolution 10′ screen. Now your audience has left the building and they need to be able to view your web page on their new iPhone or Android device. They like the web page but they want to use it in a mobile app so that they can interact with the inbuilt functionality of location / GPS and push notifications, take photos and automatically email them or upload them to their new profile. Wow, the pace is just spinning now.

This is the best digital marketing course I have found.  Warren.

So you have decided to make a career change and launch yourself into your new online solo career working from home. Where can you start from the beginning and move your way forward through a sea of digital turmoil without your age being a factor and the 12-year-old next to you having had 5 years more online experience than you have? Start searching the web, spend the next 3 weeks going through scam after scam and paying money out for content building software and SEO analysis software and keyword research tools. or take my word for it. Check out Wealthy Affiliate.

I am impressed and I have learned so much. Where else can you find a digital marketing course based on a pay it forward social network approach? When you join the network you are ranked by how much you help the people around you. Everyone is encouraged to help you. Part of the course is to ask questions of the others in the group. You get points credited to you for offering your opinion on someone else’s website. Not necessarily about the technical proficiency of the site, some people want your opinion on how you think it looks and if it is easy to use. It’s amazing. I have never seen anything like it.

I’ll go over some of the digital marketing course certification programs. In my first few days, I covered a getting started series to understand how to make money online, how to choose a niche, how to build a website, setup the website, introduction to SEO, finding content ideas and content quality.

All of this for free. If you don’t check it out, you are missing the boat.

I really hope you join me.



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Warren Moore.

I trust the information in this course and I am amazed by how much I have learned. The support on the site is everything you want it to be. If you want to get involved it is available. If not, you don’t have to. I am excited by what I know it will become for me and my family.